Selling Your Home

We worry about everything so you don’t have to. From home staging consultations to professional photography to 360° virtual tours, our marketing plan is completely comprehensive and all-inclusive.

And once the right buyer comes along, we’ll be quick to sort out the deal. We’ve got a great track record that we’re pretty proud of. You can even see some of our testimonials.

So please sit back, relax, and let us share how (are why) we do what we do.

Welcome to Sold on Chilliwack.

Your house is cinderella. We’re the fairy godmother. It’s time for the ball.

The Process


Your overall experience will be the last thing you think about after all is said and done — so we make sure it’s the first thing we think about in planning the sale of your home. We revise this process after every successful (and unsuccessful!) sale, to ensure it is as close to perfect as possible. And — since we’ve done it over 1,000 times — it’s pretty close.

At the Core

Timing We are constantly up-to-date on market knowledge. This allows us to ensure that your home is listed at the right time for the right price.

Communication Consistent comminution with all of our clients is at the core of our values.

Honesty Not only am I legally required to act in your best interest as a Realtor®, I hold myself morally accountable too.


The most important question in the selling process: how much is my home worth? We work together to ensure that the selling price is both fair and reasonable. Let’s put it this way: we want to sell your home, and we want you to get the full value of its worth.

Data Analysis

Home Inspections

Market Research

Marketing Plan

When showing your home, first impressions are everything. We work with you to stage and present your home so that a buyer sees it as their own. The more details we pay attention to, the more reassured a buyer is that the home has been well cared-for. Additionally, this creates a more motivated buyer and allows for a quicker sale.


Professional Photography

Online Campaign

Realtor Network

Negotiation & Sale

Information is power. And because of the process above, you’ll have a lot of it. We’ll be with you throughout the entire negotiation process, giving expert advice and insights into the correct moves. When an agreement is reached, we’ll scrutinize the contracts to make sure every detail meets your needs.


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