Packing Tips for Self-Movers

Not all of us can afford to hire professional movers and it can be hard to justify if your move is local. However, there are some things that will make moving day much less stressful and easier on your back. One investment that is worth it’s weight in gold is the rental of a storage locker. Once you decide to list your home you can begin your packing and start moving seldom used items to the storage locker right away. This will take a lot of pressure off of the moving day as you can get moved in first, and only empty the storage unit when things are more organized in your new home. Think seasonally. If it is summer pack up your winter clothes, Christmas décor, snow shovels and put them at the back of the storage unit. Also box up most of your books, record collections, and seldom used tools and small appliances. These are some of the heavier items that you can move over to the locker just a few at a time. Think first in, last out. This has the added bonus of making your home less cluttered and easier to keep in order once the buyers start coming through.

Remembering what is where is also a big unpacking challenge. Nothing is as frustrating as having to tear open 10 boxes just to find a can opener. This might seem a bit nerdy but if you put big numbers on all sides of the boxes and keep a notebook with what is in each box you will be able to find those items quickly as you unpack. Also it adds a layer of security if you are hiring help for moving as the box contents i.e. coin collection, aren’t labelled on the outside making valuables easy to identify. On your moving day, if it is in your budget, rent a cube truck that has a ramp that lowers for safety of items and your back. Be sure to book it early particularly if you are moving at month end. Also rent or borrow a heavy duty dolly again for speed and ease.

If you have pets find a friend or family member who can take your pets for moving day and perhaps the day after. Moving can be very stressful for them and keeping track of them with all the in and out of house and yard is difficult. More than one furry loved one has gone missing on this day. Don’t let it happen to you.

Just before the big day put together a moving day bin. This will go in your car with you and be the first item put in your new house. It should include cleaning products, paper towel, light bulbs, a roll of toilet paper, bottled water or other cold beverages, snack foods, a small first aid kit, your box inventory notebook and phone chargers.

Just a little pre-planning makes all the difference. Happy packing!


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